Huawei: Google Phones Will Continue to Update


Answering a question from a follower on Twitter, the official Huawei account reported that Google will continue to release updates even though the US does not extend the temporary license period.

Huawei, perhaps the most hit company in the commercial war between the US and China, was blacklisted by the US government last year and banned from doing business with US companies.

Since this sudden decision would deeply affect not only Huawei but also US companies, the US took a new decision and allowed US companies to temporarily cooperate with Huawei by obtaining a license. This license, which has been extended many times, expired on 13 August.

Huawei has been working to establish its own ecosystem since the US trade ban, and therefore, with a few exceptions, no smartphones it has introduced for the past year have not included Google Services.

Nevertheless, as we mentioned above, there are a few exceptions, and Huawei smartphone users with Google Services on their phones started to worry about updates as the temporary license expired on August 13.

A Huawei smartphone user said, “The temporary license expired on August 13th. What about Google Services and Android updates for the Huawei Nova 5T? ” Huawei official Twitter account stated that the expiration of the temporary license will not affect existing devices.

“We will continue to deliver security and software updates to our devices as usual.” Saying, Huawei sprinkled the hearts of users, but it caused new question marks in the minds.

Because Android is open source software, Huawei can use the AOSP version of Android without collaborating with Google. However, when it comes to Google Services, updates are published directly by Google.

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How Huawei will offer Google Services or Android upgrades to its devices without collaborating with Google is currently unknown, but it is predicted that the company will at least fulfill its commitment from its official Twitter account.


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