Huawei ‘Google’: How to use Petal Search on your phone?


After the historical veto suffered at the beginning of last 2019 by Google itself, Huawei decided to put the batteries and not waste time. If the other day we were talking about HarmonyOS, the call to be their operating system for their mobiles and an alternative to Google’s almighty Android, today we are talking about Petal Search, precisely Huawei’s ‘Google’.

Huawei Petal Search

Released in beta form last January, Petal Search is Huawei’s online search engine, an alternative to others such as Google or Bing. In May it was published in AppGallery in 170 countries, and in June it arrived pre-installed on all mobiles with HMS and a version for tablets, and in July visual and voice search was incorporated.

As of today, Petal Search has 7 million active users per month worldwide and 13 million users in total, with forecasts that within 12 months these figures will reach 30 and 50 million monthly and accumulated users respectively. .

And if you are curious to try it, you can already do it from your mobile, since Huawei has announced that Petal Search already has support on both Android and iOS. In the case of Android phones, the user will have the ability to download the Petal Search application through AppGallery, Huawei’s application platform. This search engine, whose base of operations for Europe is in Spain, has a search engine optimized thanks to Artificial Intelligence, with a user experience designed for mobile phones.

To use it, you must open a web browser and enter one of these two domains:

Petal Search “covers all possible categories of interest to users, from sports to cinema through shopping, hotels and flights, among others, and is specially designed to promote local use in each country in order to facilitate and improve the experience user “, according to Huawei.


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