Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II is coming!


Huawei introduced its new smart eyewear called Eyewear II, which it prepared with Gentle Monster. Promising the perfect integration of technology and fashion, Huawei’s new generation smart glasses promise more comfortable use as well as new smart functions.

In a statement from Huawei, it was stated that Eyewear II is a bold and progressive example of Gentle Monster’s designs. The series, offered with both classic glasses and sunglasses options, also has acoustic privacy feature that completely prevents sound leakage to the outside. Designed to be semi-open, ultra-thin speakers effectively eliminate sound leakage while delivering high-definition stereo sound performance. With the updated Smart Interaction function, Eyewear II series makes everyday life easier with an innovative smart wearable technology experience.

Eyewar II promises a comfortable use experience. Equipped with innovative technologies, thin handle tips are made of plastic titanium to be lighter; The hinges on the bezel edge are made of titanium elastic and reinforced with increased holding force to reduce the tight grip on the face. In addition, the curved headphone angle, which was 12 degrees in the first generation, was increased to 20 degrees for a more ergonomic use.

Eyewear II; It has larger but thinner speakers that promise the best sound experience for listening to music, playing games or watching TV. The product also comes with semi-open speakers on either side of the lens mount that transmit sound directly to the user’s ear, effectively reducing sound leakage and providing clearer stereo listening. The lens mounts of the device are designed in a way that can balance omni-directional sound waves and reduce sound leakage. Eyewear II; With adaptive sound technology, it can automatically reduce the sound depending on the environment, which enables the user to perceive the sounds in the healthiest way possible.

Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II comes with smart interaction features

Eyewear II also has updated support for smart motion control. For pairing, users only need to lightly touch the part on the left temple with two fingers. The voice assistant can also be easily activated with a double click on the same area. Eyewear II also supports sliding movements. To play the next / previous song or adjust the volume, users are able to control their phones by simply swiping.

Eyewear II detects that the user has taken off the glasses during music playback with its motion sensitivity, and continues to play where it left off if it is put on again within three minutes. After the user puts the Eyewear II aside for a while and puts it back in, a window pops up on the smartphone screen so that the user can check the battery level of the Eyewear II at a glance. By touching this window, they can also quickly access the settings of the device for more details.

Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II comes with a powerful battery for uninterrupted use. Eyewear II, which can play music continuously for 5 hours on a single charge, also has NFC contactless communication support and wireless fast charging technology. Smart glasses will be sold in Europe for 300 euros.


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