Huawei finds ‘solution’ to download apps from Play Store


In order to allow users to download famous applications more safely, Huawei has developed a new solution that will be inaugurated at its launch Huawei P40 Lite. From this, users will be able to find a wide variety of applications (such as Facebook) through the so-called AppSearch.

It is worth mentioning that the applications will not be made available on the official Huawei store, but through external links or official websites of certain apps, such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

In the case of some apps that do not download via an official website, AppSearch will redirect users to online stores, such as Amazon AppStore, APKPure and apkmonk.

In summary, AppSearch can be considered a catalog that, through a wide variety of sources, will offer the download of a series of applications. With Google apps just a few clicks away, users can even replace Chrome’s original browser.

Although functional, the solution adopted by Huawei presents serious problems. The first difficulty that users will face when using AppSearch is the absence of automatic updates. In addition, they will face another problematic issue, since Huawei cannot guarantee the security of the apps offered in its catalog.


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