Huawei expected to drop 30% this year due to restrictions


Due to the restrictions imposed by Donald Trump, Huawei may close 2020 with a 30% drop in its sales. The analysis was carried out by the market consultancy TrendForce, which compared the Chinese company’s current performance to that of last year.

In 2019, Huawei recorded 240.5 million sales. In May of this year, when the Chinese woman was still allowed to use technologies and components from the United States, the forecast was 190 million sales by December. Now, a 10% lower figure is expected, about 179 million.

Growth in the pandemic

Although the pandemic has affected many companies negatively, Huawei was a point outside the curve, registering gradual growth in the first six months of this year. At the end of the second quarter, the Chinese was considered the largest manufacturer of cell phones in the world, according to a survey by Canalys.

This achievement was made possible by China’s decision to reopen its economy before other countries that were also affected by the covid-19. Other factors also contributed to this growth, such as the fall of Samsung, for example.

However, when it was made public that Huawei decided to analyze the impacts of US bans, interrupting the receipt of some components from its suppliers, experts already expected a reduction in sales.

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