Huawei develops technology for UAV and Drone


Chinese technology firm Huawei, which is in trouble with the US embargo, has received a new patent for its UAV and Drone management system. The company plans to move UAV and Drone technologies further with its artificial intelligence supported technology.

Approval decision is issued for Huawei, which filed the patent application in 2018

Technology giant Huawei filed a patent application for the special system it developed for unmanned aerial vehicles in January 2018. The application of the company received approval after 2 years.

Huawei focuses on artificial intelligence in its work for UAV and Drone. With the system developed by the company; It will enable the management and control system of unmanned aerial vehicles to be realized with the support of artificial intelligence.

The management and control system developed consists of two functional modules. These modules; It receives the incoming command data and transmits it to artificial intelligence, the artificial intelligence analyzes the data and applies it. Thanks to these processes, users can follow the aircraft in more detail.

When this panthin purchased by Huawei will be seen in practice remains a question mark. It is among the possibilities that the company does not even use this technology. There is no official statement from the brand about the subject yet.


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