Huawei, Developer Conference to announce EMUI 11


Huawei made some remarks about the Developer Conference that it will hold in September this year. In the statements made from the official Twitter account of the company, it was announced that the event will be held between 10-12 September. Huawei also announced its new services that it will announce at this event.

With the onset of August, technology manufacturers have entered a mobile process. In this context, Samsung will organize an Unpacked event in the coming days and will announce its new products in this event. Apple also continues to count days for the event, where it will introduce its new flagship phones. Now, Huawei has made important statements, especially about the Developer Conference, which it managed to make a voice last year.

The Huawei Developer Conference was held at the beginning of August in 2019. As such, the expectations were that the conference will be held in August 2020. The statements now show that the Huawei Developer Conference will be held in September, not in August this year. According to the statements, Huawei Developer Conference will be held between 10-12 September.

Huawei did not only mention the history of the Huawei Developer Conference in its statements on Twitter. The company also announced to its fans what it would announce within the scope of this event. According to the statements, we can clearly say that the Huawei Developer Conference, which will be held next month, will be very active. Let’s see immediately which Huawei products will be introduced as part of HDC2020 events.

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According to the statements made by Huawei, the Developer Conference will host new versions of EMUI and HarmonyOS. In this context, it is necessary to state that we will meet EMUI 11 and HarmonyOS 2.0 shortly. In addition, new kits for HMS Core 5.0, the latest version of HMS Core, Huawei’s mobile service infrastructure, will also be announced as part of the Developer Conference.

Huawei recently announced its new service called Huawei AR Engine, which provides developers with great convenience in augmented reality. This service was a duplicate of Google ARCore. Also, the developer kit, Huawei Computer Graphics Kit, was recently announced for laptops with a Kirin processor. Huawei will announce innovations that will make these kits more functional as part of the HDC2020 event.

The EMUI 11, which will be announced under HDC2020, has been anticipated for a while already. In this context, the Huawei Developer Conference will become of great importance to consumers using Huawei’s smartphones. With the announcement of HarmonyOS 2.0, it is expected to announce that this operating system will be available on more devices. The event, which will be held in September, will remove all these uncertainties.


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