Huawei Developed a New Solution to Download Banned Applications


Chinese technology giant Huawei has come up with a new solution to ensure the installation of US applications that cannot be installed on their devices. The company showed the app called ‘AppSearch’, which collects applications from different sources as APK.

The Chinese tech giant Huawei was negatively affected by the trade war that started last year between China and the United States. The USA, accusing Huawei of spying, prevented all the US customers of the technology giant from cooperating with Huawei.

Of course, Google was the biggest company that the US prevented from doing business with Huawei. Huawei was unable to use any of Google’s services, as Google prevented Huawei from doing business. As a result, the company has continued to offer different alternatives to its users who are accustomed to Android.

Huawei has introduced a new solution for downloading prohibited apps:
Although Huawei can use the Android operating system, it cannot include any service or application of Google on this operating system. Users also do not want to use an Android without Google, since Android has increased its capacity incredibly thanks to Google’s services.

Here, the company has recently created a new solution for its users. Huawei showed the ‘AppSearch’ application, which is thought to be found in the upcoming smartphone Huawei P40 Lite. The main difference of AppSearch from Huawei’s Play Store AppGallery is that the new app includes U.S. apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.

While Huawei has offered its users an option to install U.S. apps, this option is quite controversial. Because Huawei’s new application does not directly offer many applications, including Google applications, to users as an APK instead.

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Moreover, Huawei does not upload APKs to the system itself. AppSearch takes you to various sites where you can download the selected app as an APK. In other words, the new solution that Huawei offers to its users poses problems both in terms of security and up-to-date applications.

A user who decides to download an app from Huawei’s AppSearch is redirected to sites like Amazon AppStore, APKPure or apkmonk. In addition, some apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp can be downloaded from the original developers’ own sites.


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