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Huawei Compulsory HMS For Those Who Want To Use Their Smart Watches


Huawei, which could not overcome the problems with the US government, seems to have decided to take its vengeance from consumers. The Health app, which connects the company’s smart watches to the phone, is no longer available on the Google Play Store. The company mandates to have Huawei Mobile Services to use this app.

Chinese technology giant Huawei has been in a troubled process for a while. The company, which was accused of spying by the USA last May, failed to do business with US companies in line with the decisions taken. This injured Huawei mostly through the smartphone industry. Because Huawei could continue to use the Android operating system on their smartphones, but Google Services would not be available on Huawei’s new smartphones.

Huawei’s war with the U.S. government has not yet come to a conclusion. Huawei has been unable to use Google Services on its smartphones for a while now. This is a big problem, especially for Android users outside of China. Because there are no Google services in China, but other users are not considering a non-Google smartphone. In response to this situation, Huawei seems to be trying to force Android users to use Huawei Mobile Services.

Huawei is not just a technology manufacturer that appeals to consumers with their smartphones. The company has also launched wearable technological products for a while. As can be guessed, smart watches are at the top of these products. The Watch GT 2 model announced by the company last year was highly appreciated by consumers, and today many consumers love Huawei’s smart watch with premium features.

In order for the Huawei Watch GT 2 to be connected to the phone, an application named “Health” developed by Huawei must be used. This app has been available for iOS and Android recently, and consumers could easily access this app through the Google Play Store or App Store. But Huawei’s Health app is no longer comfortable to use on the Android platform.

Android users who have not had a Huawei smartphone for the past few days cannot log in to the Health app. Because the company states that Huawei Mobile Services should be used in order to use this application. So now, if your phone is not Huawei, you need to download Huawei Mobile Services and create a Huawei account for yourself.

Warning that prevents logging into Huawei Health app
A newer version of the Huawei Mobile Services platform (4.0.0 or higher) is required for the Huawei Health app to function properly. You can download the latest version from Huawei AppGallery.

This situation is on the agenda of Android users using Huawei smart watches. If you access the Google Play Store page of the Health app, there are dozens of reviews written about this issue. It is not known at the moment why Huawei is going into such an application, whether it was a deliberate act or an error. However, it is a sugary fact that the problem is met with great reaction by the consumers.



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