Huawei CEO Ken Hu Says Everyone Must Be Involved in the Digital Ecosystem


Speaking at the TECH4ALL Summit held at Huawei Connect 2019, Ken Hu, CEO of the Chinese technology giant, said that everyone should participate in the digital transformation and that the entire ecosystem should be involved.

TECH4ALL Summit was held within the scope of Huawei Connect 2019, which is organized by Huawei in Shanghai in the last quarter of each year. In his opening speech, Huawei CEO Ken Hu said that the goal of TECH4ALL is to enable 500 million people to benefit from digital technology in the next 5 years.

Stating that technology should benefit everyone and all humanity, Ken Hu said, “There are still gaps in digital life. For example, in many cities in China, elderly people may not find a taxi on the street, because taxis are now mostly called on mobile devices. Kul

A digital ecosystem involving everyone

TECH4ALL’u, technology for all segments closer and accessible to the effort to make Ken Hu said, “Today, African children can open to the outside world, visually impaired children can enjoy the joy of reading, scientists can have more ideas about the frequencies sent by whales,” he said.

Talking about the focal points of TECH4ALL, Ken Hu said, ’At TECH4ALL we will focus on three areas; technology, applications and skills. With technological innovations in artificial intelligence, cloud and mobile devices, we will endeavor to continuously reduce connection costs and eliminate scope-oriented barriers. We will strengthen ecosystems and help developers create more applications for different communities and industries. We will work with local governments, communities and other sectors to develop the digital skills of the whole community..

Special project for child health

He said that it was very difficult to diagnose the babies in the pediatrics department during postnatal health checks, that the babies cry when they hear specific ailments but that the parents tend to do this for more general reasons.

, We are working with IIS Aragon (a local medical research laboratory) and DIVE (a local research center) to develop a new medical device in Spain that can detect visual impairment in young children, Hu said. This product allows children to look at the images that activate the pupils in the Huawei Matebook E. The DIVE system then transmits the data to a Huawei P30 phone. Thanks to the machine learning features of the HiAI and P30 phone, a doctor can analyze the data with the Track AI app and detect the symptoms of eye diseases. With this approach, we wish to benefit 19 million visually impaired children around the world. ”

Solar energy and forest protectors

Ken Hu also talked about a project on tropical rain forests, which has recently been on the agenda because of fires. , Huawei is transforming a large number of used smartphones into solar-powered devices to monitor the rainforest,, Hu said. Rainforest Connectivity (RFCx) technology turns these phones into the “ears” of the rainforest. Equipped with artificial intelligence, these phones are used to help international environmental protection organizations protect the planet more efficiently. For example, illegal tree felling can be detected in this way. Next year, more countries aim to protect the tropical rain forest of 6,000 square kilometers with the Rainforest Link. ”

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