Huawei buys BlackBerry patents! Details


Although it no longer makes smartphones and only licenses its name to other companies, BlackBerry still holds a number of important patents for the smartphone market.

This week, Canadian media confirmed that BlackBerry sold about 90 patents to Huawei. The negotiation took place quickly and without any communication to the public.

The most curious point is that most of the technologies acquired by the Chinese seek to ensure greater security for smartphones. In addition, there are also a number of patents related to communication between devices.

After the disclosure of the commercial agreement, the database of the United States Trademark Office (USPTO) confirmed the transfer of all patents cited on December 23.

The documents indicate that Huawei has bought basic patents: presentation of text based on the orientation of the cell phone, obtaining GPS data to include in photos and more.
When asked about the sale of patents, BlackBerry confirmed the transaction with Huawei and further clarified that the negotiation took place “within the rules applicable to the case”. That is, they are basic technologies and do not need a US authorization for the transfer.

For now, it is not yet possible to know how Huawei will use BlackBerry technologies. Anyway, the Chinese may end up using some ideas in her new HarmonyOS.


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