Huawei Builds 5G Base Stations to Help Fight Corona Virus


Chinese technology giant Huawei will install 5G base stations to help fight corona virus erupting in Wuhan city. The company has begun work to ensure high connectivity to the hospital that China will do in 6 days.

The Corona virus, which erupted in Wuhan, China last week, and has spread rapidly around the world, has not been stopped yet. Experts from the World Health Organization and health professionals in the field, especially in China, continue to work with all their strengths to prevent the spread of the virus.

But to defeat a virus in a short time, all experts around the world need to be in instant communication with each other. At this point, Chinese technology giant Huawei stepped in. The company announced today that it has started to build 5G stations.

Huawei will help build a 5G base station in the hospital to fight the Corona virus:
Huawei said that Hubei Mobile and Hubei Unicom companies have begun to support companies to set up 5G base stations in Wuhan Mountain Hospital hospital. Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital hospital is the one that China announced that it will build in 6 days.

Huawei’s Hubei officials set up a team of 150 people on January 23 to prevent the eruption. After the 5G base station mission from Wuhan City Outbreak Prevention and Control Emergency Center, the team immediately got to work. All plans from network planning to research, from design to the placement of fiber cables were made in just 3 days.

Currently, three major operators in Hubei have started to open 5G connections near the hospital to be built. Thanks to the 5G connection, Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital will have an ultra fast connection. This will enable high-speed data access and exchange, remote consultation, remote monitoring and many other services.

In addition to supporting the construction of the 5G network, Huawei also created a separate team to protect it. The work of this team is to make it possible to carry out the operations to be performed in the video conference system of the Hubei Health and Medical Commission at all times.


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