Huawei Books: Official with more than 20,000 books


Huawei recently made official in Italy the digital books platform Books, which aims to deliver to the public users of Chinese branded devices thousands of options of books to be consumed directly from their tablets and smartphones, something that ends up being positive for the planet.

The online library will not be focused on a specific category, but will cover several types of books to allow the public to better explore the theme that interests them most, making it a very eclectic system.

Something that the company was keen to highlight was the partnership with the Italian publisher Mondadori, something that ended up helping to insert content that belongs to the group as a whole, such as books by Rizzoli, Einaudi, Piemme, Sperling & Kupfer and Mondadori Electa, totaling more of 20 thousand titles of authors who are of Italian origin.

Looking at the images above, it is clear that there will be not only authors from Italy, but from all over the world, something that allows the user to travel through different cultures and literature without leaving the country, making the app a good companion during the social isolation caused by Covid-19.

For the accessibility part, it is important to highlight the presence of the option to listen to books, with narrations made by great personalities of Italian cinema, such as Marco D’Amore, Levante, Paola Cortellesi, Luciana Littizzetto, Paola Turci, Luca Bianchini and Fabio Genovesi . Another positive point is the brightness adjustment for the reading mode and blue light filter, less damaging the views during the activity.


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