Huawei became the top selling company


The phone sales report released by Canalys for the second quarter of 2020 has been released. Accordingly, the company that sold the most phones in the second quarter was Huawei, which passed Samsung. Despite the US restrictions, this success of Huawei has been interpreted as striking by the authorities.

Huawei is the top selling company in the second quarter of 2020

In the report, which was formed as a result of the data collected, Huawei passed the 53.7 million phone sales of Samsung worldwide by selling 55.8 million phones, and rose to the first place.

It is remarkable that Huawei achieved such success despite the restrictions imposed by the USA. The major share in success belongs to sales in China, the company’s own country. It is stated that the sales of the company in China in the second quarter of 2020, which increased by 8 percent, decreased by 27 percent in the non-Chinese market. However, it is observed that Samsung has also experienced a serious decrease due to the effect of the global epidemic.

Canalys analyst Ben Stanton claims that this success of Huawei would not have happened without COVID-19. According to Stanton, Huawei made this breakthrough by evaluating China’s economic recovery period well. Although Huawei moved up to the first place, it fell 5 percent compared to the second quarter of 2019. Samsung’s decrease of 27 percent compared to the same quarter was bigger.

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