Huawei AppGallery is available with its new interface


Huawei introduced the new interface of its app and game store AppGallery, which offers users new ways to discover thousands of apps and games. With its new interface, AppGallery is designed for fast app discovery with improved navigation and localized content, while making it easier for developers to build more effective relationships with users, Huawei said.

At the heart of the Huawei app ecosystem, which reached over 500 million monthly active users last year, the new design in AppGallery showcases apps and games with larger, bolder designs throughout the user experience.

New features available with AppGallery

With the user experience at the center of the new AppGallery user interface, Huawei focuses on the concept of interactive discovery, allowing applications to be demonstrated using stunning visuals and complementary digital content and presented to users in fewer steps. This serves AppGallery app developers to showcase and promote more of their apps, while also contributing to making them discoverable by the right audience.

For example, apps are now offered in card format in the new “Featured” tab. This new offering not only makes it easier for users to find a range of apps and games specially selected by the AppGallery team, but also get much more relevant content, including articles, expert guides and reviews. Featured tabs have also been updated to improve user experience by shifting from top to bottom and back to old.

In the new interface, just below the Highlights tab, there are the Campaigns and Gifts tabs, one of the most popular features among active users. The Campaigns tab offers localized promotions that create greater interaction with users, such as Lucky Draws and Cashback offers to win prizes. The gifts section allows users to receive free offers from app developers in exchange for downloading or registering their apps. These can include free premium services for a specified period of time or extra credits to be used in a game, as well as helping developers make new discoveries for users.

Apps and games can now be explored from two special tabs that offer users a more advanced and focused exploration experience. Huawei also refreshes the design of the app product pages to make it easier for users to discover reviews and ratings.

Wang Heng, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Ecosystem Development for Huawei Consumer Electronics Group, Middle East Europe and Nordic Countries, said: “The number of apps, including premium apps on our platform, is growing, and we want our customers to enjoy this rich content when it becomes available. The redesigned AppGallery deserves its name by allowing users to easily browse through our curated content and discover unexpected applications. ” made the explanation.

The new AppGallery will be curated by editors to focus on local trends and needs. They will publish editorial content to inspire users, from app and game reviews to helpful tips and high-quality collections. AppGallery currently offers 18 different app categories, including games, social, entertainment, education, news and reading, photography and video, food and beverage, transportation and tickets, shopping and gadgets.

The new version of AppGallery is available across Europe starting today.


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