Huawei announces VR kit with headset and gaming control


On Monday afternoon (19), Huawei announced its new virtual reality kit. Presented during the 2020 VR Industry Conference, the Huawei VR Glass will offer a degree of freedom in the 6DOF standard geared towards VR games, accompanied by a joystick with a focus on ergonomics and precision.

Huawei’s proposal is close to that offered by the most modern VR kits on the market. The virtual reality headset has the shape of glasses, connects to the computer via a cable and uses the “Inside-Out” positioning method (internal sensors), for orientation and motion detection, eliminating the need for installing sensors in the game environment .

However, the glasses are not new, since they had been presented in October 2019. The screen has a resolution of 3,200 x 1,600 pixels, reaching 1,058 ppi of density. The lens field of view is 90 °, with a refresh rate ranging from 70 Hz to 90 Hz. Finally, the headset offers 3D sound effects technology to enhance immersion.

The control, in turn, has a look that refers to the controls of the Oculus Rift S, with buttons and analogues gathered on the front – reachable with the thumb – and auxiliary buttons on the sides for the other fingers. The GizmoChina website describes them as “professional and powerful”, with an efficient vibration system that collaborates with the VR experience.

No details on availability yet. Huawei says the kit will be available to developers later this year, but has not listed countries other than China. For the general public, the equipment will hit the shelves in April 2021.

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When launched, the headset was sold for 2,999 Yuan – something around R $ 2,500. The kit with controls, therefore, will certainly be more expensive; but we still have to wait for official pronouncements.


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