Huawei Announces VR Gaming Equipment VR Glass 6DOF


Huawei announced new virtual reality equipment named VR Glass 6DOF. This equipment developed for VR games comes with two controllers. The most striking feature of the product is that it can detect movements that are reduced to millimeters.

Chinese technology company Huawei announced a new VR gaming equipment as part of the World VR Industry Conference. Named as “VR Glass 6DOF”, this player equipment seems to be a new alternative for gamers who love virtual reality games. So what does Huawei’s virtual reality equipment promise gamers?

According to Huawei’s statements, VR Glass 6DOF will bring a new breath to virtual reality games. The equipment using the inside-out positioning system, thus reducing the accuracy of movement to millimeters. In other words, the slightest movement of yours allows you to move in the virtual reality game. Gamers who care about precision seem to be satisfied with the VR Glass 6DOF.

Here is Huawei VR Glass 6DOF

Huawei VR Glass 6DOF has two 360-degree controllers. In the statements made by Huawei, it is stated that these controllers are professional and powerful, and a more realistic gaming experience will be offered to the players with vibration notifications. However, gamers will wait a long time to get acquainted with this virtual reality equipment. Huawei officials state that VR Glass 6DOF will be available to developers at the end of the year and to consumers in April 2021.

Huawei is not only entering the VR gaming equipment industry with this product. Making a statement on the subject, Huawei Mobile Product Line President Hua HeGeng said that the company will focus more on this sector in the coming period and develop VR games and applications. In fact, the company was ready to publish various games and applications.

Huawei did not disclose the technical details of its equipment developed for VR games. However, the company announced a virtual reality equipment called “VR Glass” in 2019. This equipment had a 90 degree field of view, a screen refresh rate of up to 90 Hz, a resolution of 3200 x 1600 pixels. The new equipment is expected to have much more advanced features.

No statement has been made regarding the price of the Huawei VR Glass 6DOF. However, VR Glass, which was announced last year, was around $ 430. The previous product was developed for videos with virtual reality support rather than games. Consequently, we can state that the price of VR Glass 6DOF will be around 500 dollars (approximately 4,000 TL + taxes).


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