Huawei announces three new car operating systems


In the face of the US-China soap opera, Huawei is undoubtedly the most affected. The company can no longer negotiate with US companies, including Google, and may end up suffering in other countries as well with its ban on auctions of 5G frequencies in places like the United Kingdom and France, with possible consequences also in Brazil, which has not yet defined whether the Chinese will be allowed to participate.

Therefore, the manufacturer announced a series of plans to start adapting to restrictions such as the Tashan Project, for developing chips with Chinese technology, in addition to expanding its HarmonyOS and Hongmeng OS on a global scale, with the system being adopted in all your smart devices, including notebooks, tablets and cell phones.

Today, the Chinese giant has taken another step towards its independence with the announcement of three new operating systems for automobiles based on the Hongmeng OS. The first, called HOS, follows the mold of Android Automotive OS, being basically a variant adapted from Hongmeng for vehicles.

Equipped on the dashboard of the car, HOS will provide voice command, visual recognition and audio optimization functions, among other features, to offer an interactive experience to users. AOS, which has EAL 5+ and ASIL-D safety certifications, ensures intelligent steering, making the car even more efficient.

Finally, VOS is an open source system dedicated to the intelligent management of the vehicle as a whole, accompanied by the Vehicle Stack, which offers specific features of the systems according to the context in which the car and driver are.

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So far, there is no information on when we will see the first cars shipped with the new systems from the Chinese, nor even which automakers have already partnered with Huawei to offer the novelty.


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