Huawei Announces Sales Figures of Foldable Phone Mate X


Huawei, one of the companies that introduced a foldable smartphone last year, made some statements about Mate X’s sales figures. According to the statement, close to 100 thousand monthly Mate X is sold.

2019 was the first year we started to see foldable smartphones, and Huawei was one of the companies that produced foldable smartphones. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer launched the foldable phone Mate X in November last year. The company said that Mate X has sold nearly 100,000 units a month since its release, which is quite impressive for a device that is not available outside China.

For comparison, Samsung’s foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold; Available in the US, UK, France, Germany, India, South Korea and several other European countries. Unlike Huawei, Samsung also has access to the latest version of Android and Google services.

Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold
There is also a price difference between the two devices. Galaxy Fold, approximately $ 2,000 (11,700 TL) is sold at a price such as Mate X, approximately 2,400 dollars (14 thousand TL) is sold as a price, but both companies MWC 2020’de cheaper and new versions of these devices will be introduced. Huawei is still not likely to deal with American companies.

In addition, South Korean technology company Samsung’s new foldable smartphone Galaxy Bloom, Motorola’s foldable phone Razr will have a similar design. Apart from these companies, Google is also working on a foldable smartphone, but it should be said that it is more calm for the foldable Pixel. Analysts believe that by 2023, 30 million foldable phones will be available.


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