Huawei Announces Number of 5G Supported Smart Phones to Sell in 2020


The 5G technology, which has become very popular and popular this year, is expected to become more widespread next year. This technology is expected to be the most common communication technology in China, the smartphone giant Huawei, this technology plans to sell at least 100 million devices.

2019 was a year in which 5G connectivity technology began to spread and its popularity grew enormously. Almost every country around the world has started to invest in 5G technology, and most of these investments are in China. China, which is expected to have a large share in the 5G market, is also the focus of manufacturers integrating this technology into their smartphones.

China-based technology giant Huawei, especially with the introduction of smart phones for a few years, has managed to attract a lot of attention and has increased the popularity of a company. Huawei, one of the leading companies in 5G technology, has prioritized its work on this technology. A new report on the company revealed Huawei’s desire to deploy and deploy 5G technology on their devices.

Huawei will sell 100,000 5G smartphones before the end of 2020:
Shoichi Tosaka, CEO of Japan-based smart capacitor manufacturer Taiyo Yuden, announced that the company received orders for 5G base stations annually and expect to receive orders for 5G smartphone components for the coming weeks. The biggest customers of 5G capacitors are ZTE and Huawei companies, Tosaka said. Huawei expects to sell 100 million 5G smartphones by itself next year.

Huawei wants to spread 5G technology further by integrating 5G technology into budget-friendly models as well as high-end devices. It will show us whether Huawei plans to provide 5G connectivity for more users and will be able to sell 100 million devices, but if the company makes this technology suitable for many models, it means they can achieve their goals more easily.


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