Huawei Announces New Wireless Speaker ‘Sound X Platinum Edition’


Huawei has announced the Sound X Platinum Edition, an advanced version of the sound speaker model Sound X, which it announced a few months ago. Making improvements and small touches on the basic model, the company aims to impress consumers with its new wireless speaker.

Chinese technology giant Huawei is in a moving process. The company, which recently announced its own credit card Huawei Card and its new 65-inch TV, has now introduced the new wireless speaker model to consumers. The speaker, called “Sound X Platinum Edition”, seems to impress consumers with its stylish design and sound quality.

The company recently introduced the Sound X model, developed in cooperation with Devialet, one of the leading names in the speaker industry, to consumers. The company, which has now developed this model and made minor plays in terms of design, will try to impress consumers with the Platinum Edition this time. In addition, Sound X, which had a black color at that time, now has a more elegant structure with its white, gray and gold colors.

Introducing Huawei Sound X Platinum Edition
Sound X Platinum Edition, which comes with two woofers that offer 60 watts of maximum power and vibration amplitude up to 20 mm, has a visible bass unit. Adding a visual effect to the wireless speaker, Huawei says that this visual, combined with sound quality, will provide a unique experience for consumers.

Sound X Platinum Edition supports low noise latency, one of the impressive features of EMUI 10.1. However, this feature is currently only available on P40 series phones. In other words, consumers need a P40 series phone to use this feature and to minimize the sound delay. Of course, Huawei will release EMUI 10.1 to more phones in the future, and this feature will be available to more and more consumers.

Another remarkable aspect of Huawei, its wireless speaker, is that it has Huawei Share feature. With this feature, consumers will be able to connect Huawei phones to their wireless speakers without the need for a Bluetooth connection. In addition, the Sound X Platinum Edition does not compromise on quality even at the highest volume and also has a noise canceling feature during the call.

The Sound X Platinum Edition, announced by Huawei with all these features, was priced at $ 280 and is now available to Chinese consumers. The company offers a $ 40 discount to consumers who purchase this wireless speaker model as part of the pre-order system.


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