Huawei announces HiSilicon FHD chip for new Android TVs


Huawei is known worldwide for its smartphones and, in Chinese lands, it is also very famous for making several smart products like TVs and today it is adding an important launch to them: the new HiSilicon FHD processor, which is dedicated to TVs with a system Android and arrives with impressive capabilities that require little RAM to function.

A report from the manufacturer says that the processor comes in two versions: one with 1GB of RAM and another with 512MB, which is somewhat strange at first, after all many TVs with such storage capacity still use Android 4.4 because they were launched in 2013.

However, Huawei says that the new processor is optimized to use little RAM, so even the 512MB version can support Android 9 perfectly.

Speaking of technical numbers, Huawei’s new processor has 4 high-performance A53 cores to support high resolutions up to 4K with 30Hz decoding. According to the manufacturer, the new chip has improved capacity to reduce image noise and improve its sharpness in a more natural way.

Another advantage is that both chips use the same code for development, which should facilitate and speed up their use in TV lines with similar models.

At the moment Huawei still doesn’t have any of these new processors in its TVs, but soon we should see them equipping them, especially the low-cost ones, unlike the X65, which was recently presented with 6GB of RAM and 65 inches in OLED.

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