Huawei Announces Its Own Credit Card “Huawei Card”


Huawei announced its own credit card at an event it organized. This credit card, called “Huawei Card”, will provide various advantages to consumers.

With the sector shifting from single products to services, the leading names in the technology world are facing consumers with multiple services. In this way, companies that have the opportunity to make more money reach more consumers. Apple, which has services such as credit card and paid TV subscription as well as smartphones and other electronic products, is one of the best examples in this regard. Now, it seems that the Chinese tech giant Huawei will also be involved in this trend.

Huawei held a new event in China. The speaker of the event was Richard Yu, consumer business group CEO. Yu announced the company’s own credit card in a statement. This credit card, called “Huawei Card”, will offer various advantages to consumers. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the details of Huawei’s credit card.

Huawei Card uses the infrastructure of UnionPay, China’s largest card processing company. In addition, this card can be used in a virtual way with NFC support as well as being physically used. In the statements made by Richard Yu, it was stated that Huawei Card users will have advantages in terms of transportation and shopping, and some campaigns will be organized in this context.

Huawei will also provide some incentives to attract consumers to credit cards developed by itself. These incentives include such things as no charge for this credit card during the first two years, and a discount on earnings for an indefinite period of time. Huawei will also provide cashback for payments to be made with Huawei Pay in order to purchase apps in the Huawei ecosystem that will add to these opportunities.


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