Huawei Announces Country to Open Its First Factory in Europe


Chinese technology giant Huawei has announced where the first factory they will open in Europe will be announced today. Accordingly, the company’s first factory in Europe will be opened in France.

We don’t only know Chinese technology giant Huawei with their smartphones. The company is also building huge infrastructures in many countries around the world. The pressures of the trade war between the USA and China, which had started in the past months, on Huawei were especially important for the telecommunications sector.

Here Huawei made a new announcement today. The company announced the opening of its new factory, where 4G and 5G network equipment will be produced. According to the announcement, Huawei will open the factory where the equipment will be produced in France. The company has allocated more than 200m euros to this project.

Huawei will open a factory in France:
Huawei expects sales of $ 1 billion of products to be released from the factory in France. The exact location of the factory that the company will open is not clear at the moment, but when the factory is opened in France, this factory will be the largest of Huawei’s factories outside China and will be the first factory to be opened in Europe.

Huawei’s new factory will create jobs in 500 jobs. The company said it was ‘one of the most advanced production centers’ in France, and linked it to France’s ‘trained workforce and the appropriate geographic location of France’. The company added that it has made such a move to speed up its European customers’ deliveries.

The factory, which will be opened in France, will focus on producing other products in line with the needs of the European market in addition to the 4G and 5G network equipment, but Huawei has not provided detailed information on this subject at the moment. Huawei manager Liang Hua stated that they are in talks with the French government about the project.

You’ll remember the US President Donald Trump’s call to European countries to not use Huawei products in the past months. On the words of Donald Trump, even if there were not major changes in Europe yet, a few operators started using Nokia and Ericsson’s products instead of Huawei. It is unclear how the situation in Europe will become in the future.