Huawei Announces $100 Million for Startup Support Programs


Huawei announced, on Tuesday (3), that it will invest, over the next three years, US$ 100 million (approximately R$ 525 million, in direct conversion) in the Spark Program. The initiative, aimed at the Asia-Pacific region, will include three programs aimed at building an ecosystem of startups.

The actions that make up the project include bringing together developers (Spark Developer Program), adopting the Huawei Cloud for agile promotion and creation of products (Spark Pitstop) and encouraging innovation through the platform (Spark Innovation Program). Also in 2021, the initiative will support 200 companies with the support of US$ 20 million (R$ 105 million), according to Zhang Ping, an executive at the company.

“In addition, Huawei will share resources through a global channel, reach the group’s 1 billion end users, and build a developer-driven Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) innovation center to leverage 100,000 native cloud professionals,” highlights Ping .

expressive efforts

In 2020 alone, Huawei’s global revenue reached US$135.7 billion (R$712 billion), an increase of 3.8% over the previous year’s results. The net profit of US$ 9.8 billion (R$ 51.4 billion) — a growth of 3.2% — is another piece of information presented in the annual report of the Chinese giant regarding the finances of three operational fronts (solutions for operators , corporate and for the general public).

Although he didn’t divulge more details about big tech’s business in the cloud, vice president Hu Houkun indicated that the company’s sector grew 168% also in 2020. “Huawei Cloud has dedicated significant efforts in the area of ​​ecosystems”, he said. himself to declare.

In any case, the company claims that, still in 2020, it launched more than 220 cloud services, more than 210 solutions, obtained more than 80 official security certifications worldwide and worked with more than 19,000 partners, bringing together 10,000 development professionals and more than 4,000 applications for the cloud market.


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