Huawei announced the date it predicted for 6G technology


While 5G technology is just entering our lives, Huawei shared the first information about 6G technology in the preface of a book.


Although Huawei has been extremely passive in the smartphone market in recent years, it continues to roll up its sleeves for industrial technologies. The company, which is still very influential especially in the Far East market, shared some of its predictions about 6G technology. Of course, the most interesting of these predictions is when the company will use this technology.

Huawei wants to switch to 6G technology in 2030

While even 5G is a technology that we can consider to have just entered our lives, companies are preparing for the next generation in the background. Eric Xu, who has a say in Huawei’s strategic planning, gave detailed information about the company’s 6G studies in the preface of a book published for Huawei. According to the information in the foreword, the company started 6G studies in 2017, a year when 5G did not enter our lives. The planned time for the launch of the first 6G products is selected as 2030.

Huawei played a big role in the introduction of 5G technology into our lives. However, problems such as the US embargoes that came with 2018 had eliminated the Chinese company.

5G technology promised extremely low latency along with high download and upload speeds. With 6G technology, it is thought that the technologies that we are talking about today will enter our lives. In addition, advanced solutions that reduce the margin of error are expected to open the door to smoother communication. For this technology, which is too early for us, companies are racing in the background.


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