Huawei and Honor are at the end of the road!


The difference between Huawei and Honor is now fully visible. Because the commercial relationship between these two is over. The company named Honor has a new owner. Huawei sold this 7-year-old brand, known for its mid-segment smartphone models, to a consortium.

Its name is Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co. This team will make its name more heard from now on. Trying to get rid of the negative effects of the trade tension with the US, Huawei said that it gave up Honor under enormous pressure.

The difference between Huawei and Honor is now evident!

The 33-year-old Chinese company, which had great difficulties due to Donald Trump in the supply of raw materials required for smartphone production, stated that it separated its ways with Honor due to financial difficulties. From now on, the Huawei team will have no enforcement power on Honor.

Honor will start from scratch to produce its smartphones. In this context, we can say that the Chinese company will not receive any help from Huawei. Huawei thinks this move will be a great opportunity for Honor to survive.

Huawei ve Honor arasındaki fark

According to an information received, shipments made by Honor have exceeded 70 million pieces per year as of today. Focusing on young people, Honor will be supported by Huawei only with spiritual feelings.

The Digital Chat Station, which shared this separation decision via its Twitter account and known for the news it leaked, said that it did not know the fate of the smartphones announced to be produced by Honor. Many news sources stated that this company is no longer affected by US sanctions.

What do you think the era begins for Honor? What awaits the smartphones and other electronic devices of this company, which is accustomed to using processors signed by Huawei?

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