Huawei and Beijing Meet for Blockchain Project


Beijing local government is preparing to cooperate with Huawei Cloud Blockchain for the “smart city infrastructure” project. With this system, it is planned to bring many innovations for the citizens as well as sharing between municipalities.

Huawei, one of the world’s technology giants, and the Beijing Municipality are developing a blockchain system to be used in the field of urban governance. The Huawei-backed blockchain step is planned as part of Beijing’s smart city project. According to the report published on August 24, the new blockchain system will be used to improve municipal services and support the business environment in Beijing. Other technologies researched for smart city infrastructure include systems such as 5G, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Beijing Municipality, which aims to modernize city life and digitize government affairs; He thinks technologies like blockchain will make it easier to reach this goal. In addition, although in the latest report, it was decided to limit digital yuan trials to a small region, China continues its breakthroughs in the world of digital money and blockchain without slowing down.

Blockchain System Promises Many Innovations For Every Segment

It is known that the work carried out with the partnership of Huawei and the Beijing Municipality started in 2019. As a first step, the duo conducted a study to support sharing among 50 municipalities of the city and the management of large-scale data. But the innovations promised by the blockchain system were not limited to this.

In addition to the planned blockchain system governance area; It offers innovative proposals to support citizens’ communication with the presidential office, to provide parking services, health services and public services such as water, gas and electricity. In its statement, the Beijing government also supported that innovations would not only remain in the management part and that the public could directly benefit from this new system.

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Huawei’s role in this system is to support the Beijing administration with its proprietary Huawei Cloud Blockchain technology. Huawei’s system will provide assistance to Beijing in many technical issues such as concurrent operation and return mechanism.


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