Huawei aims to fill its case with 5G patent licenses


Although Huawei cannot sell its 5G phones everywhere, it aims to have a say in the 5G market. According to the news of Bloomberg; The Chinese manufacturer plans to charge royalties for the use of 5G licenses from companies such as Apple and Samsung. Believing that it will be able to make a license agreement despite the sanctions of the USA, Huawei aims to make more R&D investments with the income from this.

The Chinese manufacturer, along with companies such as Qualcomm and Ericsson, had obtained several patents in the process of developing large-scale 5G standards. Among these patents, there are also patents that will ensure the compatibility of different 5G standards.

Jason Ding, Huawei’s head of intellectual property rights, said his company made the biggest contribution to technical 5G standards. The company plans to get a maximum of $ 2.5 from each device that uses 5G patents. Huawei does not expect patent revenues to be affected by current sanctions.

Aiming to generate revenue from 5G patents, Huawei is currently making big money thanks to patents. Ding said they expect Huawei to generate $ 1.2 to $ 1.3 billion in revenue from patent licenses between 2019-2021. It is also stated that Huawei plans to charge less than Nokia and Ericsson for standard 5G patents.