Huawei Aims 200 Million Devices Using HarmonyOS


Launching its own operating system HarmonyOS after the US sanctions, Huawei aims to spread this operating system to 200 million devices by the end of 2021.

Huawei was among the most affected by the chain of economic sanctions, called trade wars, that started last year between the US and China. The brand, which the Trump administration accused of espionage, was seriously affected by the embargoes.

Having lost access to Google applications and Android operating system partially in this period, Huawei found the solution to develop its own operating system HarmonyOS. The company is now trying to make this platform popular around the world.

200 million devices in the short term

It turned out that Huawei plans to download the HarmonyOS operating system to more than 200 million devices worldwide in order to develop its own ecosystem. Moreover, they will not produce all of these devices themselves.

Haisong Yang, who is the vice president of the consumer business group responsible for Huawei’s software department, said in a statement that the company will have produced 100 million products using HarmonyOS by the end of next year. According to the company’s expectations, the other half of the target figure will come from the products of third party manufacturers.

While the Huawei executive made this statement at the Huawei Developer Conference, according to the latest news from China, the company plans to expand the platform to include many different types of devices.

Huawei grows its own ecosystem

Huawei first used HarmonyOS, also known as HongMengOS, on smart TVs rather than a phone or tablet to promote it. HarmonyOS 2.0 focuses on smart watches, in-car systems and new home products.

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The company’s CEO, Richard Yu, stated that the operating system will be used on smartphones at the beginning of next year. Huawei will not stop there, and will partner with companies such as Midea, Joyoung, and Robam, which are Chinese smart home electronics manufacturers.

As of September 10, HarmonyOS beta SDKs will be used on IoT devices with 128 KB – 128 MB RAM and will gain features that can support over 4 GB of RAM in early 2021.


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