Huawei 5GtoB aims to make a difference in business


At the opening of the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021 event, which will begin in China, Huawei announced its new 5GtoB solution. In a presentation titled “5G Creates New Values”, Huawei Operator Business Group President Ryan Ding emphasized the commercial gains to be achieved with 5G and explained the opportunities that 5G will create as part of the digitalization of industries.

As 5G technology expanded around the world, operators started to receive commercial returns for their first 5G services. According to Huawei, mobile 5G users reached 220 million in 2020, 17 times higher than 2019. The number of wireless home broadband connections exceeded 1 million, with a 21-fold increase. Ding noted that they foresee that the accelerated increase will continue in 2021. According to the Huawei spokesperson’s presentation, the 5G smartphone ecosystem is expected to mature as 4G in the next two years with the development and widespread use of network technologies.

Huawei also introduced the 5GtoB solution. Speaking at the presentation, Ding; “Based on our experience in connectivity, computing and industrial digitalization, we work with operators and other industry partners to develop a one-stop solution for Huawei’s sales, operations and other services. The 5GtoB solution will simplify business processes for corporate users, help operators gain profits, and create new value for every player in the industry by enabling business partners to innovate more efficiently. ” said.

Huawei 5GtoB Solution consists of four parts: 5GtoB Network, 5GtoB NaaS, 5GtoB App Engine and 5GtoB Marketplace.

With 5GtoB Network, which serves as the core infrastructure of the 5G solution, Huawei will continue to improve its capabilities to provide scenario-based 5GtoB services, including network planning, construction, maintenance and optimization. With 5GtoB NaaS, different network capabilities can be arranged into different offerings before products are launched, while it is also easier for corporate users and application developers to use 5G networks.

5GtoB App Engine is positioned as an application innovation center where application developers and system integrators, operators can access 5G network capabilities. 5GtoB Marketplace is positioned as a cloud-based digital marketplace where corporate users can buy the industrial 5G solutions they need.

Ryan Ding emphasized at the end of his speech that industrial digitalization will become a major market, but digital infrastructure development varies widely between industries. Stating that digital standards have not yet been implemented in many countries, Ding invited all industry representatives to work together to create comprehensive 5GtoB standards and an ecosystem for this.

Huawei Network Systems Solutions Sales Marketing Group President Peng Song: Telecom infrastructure gains importance as we step into the smart life

Peng Song, Head of Huawei Network Systems Solutions Sales and Marketing Department, made a keynote speech titled “NetX 2025: The Road to the Future” at the pre-launch meeting on February 18th. Song, while announcing the publication of the NetX 2025 Report, which describes the communication networks of the future, underlined that the communication infrastructure and economy have a determining role in the smart life transformation.

In Song speech; “As our transformation towards a smart life accelerates, the telecommunications infrastructure becomes extremely important in terms of the digital economy for all industries. Target network planning for all service scenarios will be key for operators to grow in the new era. Communication networks must change drastically to adapt to new services and technological needs. Therefore, operators will need to make their target network plans today so they can seize the new opportunities of tomorrow ”.

Huawei believes that in order to be successful, the target network must have five basic characteristics. These features are defined as “Gigabit Anywhere”, “Ultra-Automation”, “Intelligent Multiple Cloud Connection”, “Differentiated Experience” and “Environmental Compliance”.


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