Huami Zepp E series introduced: Here are all the details


Huami, Xiaomi’s ship in the smartwatch market, introduced its new series called Zepp E. Which of the smart watch designs we divide into square and round is better is a relative issue. That’s why Huami has included watches with two different designs in its new series. Here are all the details we learned from the Huami Zepp E series introduction!

Huami Zepp E series introduced: specifications and price

We were able to learn almost every detail from Huami’s presentation. In the presentation, the designs, technical features and prices of the watches were presented.

Zepp E Circle with round design and Zepp E Square with square design have all the features we expect to have in a good smartwatch. In addition to the heart rate measurement, the watches have an SpO2 sensor, which is used to monitor sleep and measure oxygen levels in the blood. This detail is the kind that we cannot see in some smart watches.

Huami Zepp E design details

Zepp E Circle, which has a cornerless screen design, has an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1.28 inches and 416 × 416. Zepp E Square, which has an angled screen design, has an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1.65 inches and a resolution of 348 × 442. The model with an angular design looks more advantageous in terms of screen size. Both models have a stainless steel body, and the bands are made of different materials.

The bands of both watches are available in the same color options: “Polar Night Black”, “Deep Sea Blue”, “Moon Gray”, “Pebble Gray”, “Onyx Black”, “Ice Blue”, “Champagne Gold” and “Metallic Black”. .

huami zepp e serisi teknik özellikleri ve fiyatı

Huami Zepp E series comes with 11 sports modes. Important of these sports modes can be indoor or outdoor running, swimming, cycling and walking. We can also say that clock sleep tracking is one step ahead, because there are some features to give advice on sleep quality. Light sleep, deep sleep and waking moments can be followed easily.

Even though the watch is water resistant to 5 ATMs, I would like to point out that besides this plus, unfortunately, there is no GPS. The stress tracking feature, which we are starting to see gradually over some hours, will also be available for the Huami Zepp E series with an OTA update.

Both hours have a 188 mAh battery inside. This battery promises up to a week in normal use and up to 15 days in less use. When we plug the magnetic charger into the two pin connector located under the watch, we can charge the watch.

There is no Wear OS on the watch, instead there is a smartwatch operating system developed specifically for the Zepp series. This operating system supports five different interfaces, which can be changed from Zepp’s mobile application. We will see if this is a plus or a minus when we use it.

One of the most curious parts is the price. The price of the watch is $ 249.


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