Huami smartwatch in partnership with a Tesla tomorrow


Huami, a manufacturer known for working with Xiaomi on the Mi Band, may soon launch a smart watch with Tesla. The announcement in question may occur tomorrow, September 15, according to a teaser published by one of the Chinese company’s top executives.

The image that ignited the spark about the launch was published by Huang Wang, co-founder and CEO of Huami. In his account on the Chinese social network Weibo, the executive published the image of a car and a caption suggesting that we will have news tomorrow (15).

According to Gizmochina, the executive has already given other clues that he may enter into a partnership with Tesla. So far, however, both Huami and the carmaker have not confirmed the information and it is all speculation.

Clock as car key

According to rumors, Huami is expected to launch an enhanced version of the Amazfit GTR made with Tesla vehicles in mind. The partnership with the automaker is said to allow the user to control functions of the brand’s cars through the smart watch, such as opening and closing doors.

The partnership with Tesla may extend one of the features that is available in Huami’s latest products. Some of the company’s wearables, such as the Amzfit GTR and Amazfit GTS, can be used as a key in electric cars.

The functionality to open the car using the smartwatch is now available in China and works with cars like the Xiaopeng P7, which competes against the Tesla Model 3 in the country. With that in mind, the partnership could put the American automaker on the radar of more consumers in the coveted Asian market.


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