HTC’s foldable phone concept does not look interesting


We’ve begun to see many companies join the foldable phone boom, but it seems like a few more years are needed for this product segment to mature. Nevertheless, it is an indisputable fact that companies that launched their first products in this field have more advantages in terms of both resources and experience compared to others. HTC’s foldable phone concept also demonstrates this.

Although the prices of foldable phones that have been on the market so far are very high, there is a certain audience that is interested in them. In time, we will see how big this audience really is and whether it will be enough to move this foldable phone segment forward. If you remember, there were once phones with three-dimensional screens, but they didn’t last very long.

HTC seems to be preparing its own foldable phone model after Samsung, Motorola and Huawei. Although HTC’s foldable phone seems to be on paper for now, it seems that the Taiwanese company has a lot of interest in this segment with its concept.

HTC filed a patent for a new foldable phone late last year. Highlighted by LetsGoDigital, the patent was published by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in August. As far as we can tell from the illustrations, HTC’s device doesn’t look very nice. The technology behind it needs to be streamlined a bit.

HTC'nin katlanabilir telefon konsepti çok ilgi çekici görünmüyor

First of all, as we can see from the pictures, the hinge mechanism looks a bit odd. It protrudes outward at the edges, which causes the physical dimensions of the phone to increase even more. At the same time, the protrusions on both sides are not pleasing to the eye. One of the biggest question marks here will be how the outward folding of HTC’s device will affect use and long-term durability. The foldable screen will be constantly facing out, just like the Huawei Mate XS.

It does not appear that HTC’s foldable phone will carry a second display like Motorola’s Razr or Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. Since it opens to the outside, users will be able to continue using the external screen without opening the phone.

LetsGoDigital has also produced a handful of sketch photos based on patent drawings submitted by HTC. However, the end device may not look like we see in these pictures. It’s hard to tell if HTC is still determined to launch its own foldable smartphone, but if it does, let’s hope it comes out with a better concept.


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