HTC will revolutionize virtual reality glasses!


HTC gave the first hints of a new VR glasses model after Vive Flow, sharing it on Twitter.

HTC, one of the most discussed smartphone manufacturers of that time, is trying to prove itself again in the smartphone industry, and on the other hand, is making important steps in virtual reality.

HTC is preparing to introduce new small-sized virtual reality glasses

Having introduced HTC Vive Flow VR glasses in 2021, the company released the Vive bracelet earlier this year. The Taiwanese company is preparing to introduce new virtual reality glasses by the end of 2022. The company announced its new product in a post on Twitter.

Although HTC does not provide details about the new virtual reality glasses in the published image, there is the phrase “either shrink or go home” in the sharing note. From this exchange, it can be understood that VR glasses will have a smaller size. HTC also stated: “We’re working on something big… so we mean small. These are new virtual reality glasses,” he said.

We can interpret this new model of HTC virtual reality glasses as the second phase of Proton’s project. The manufacturer, which has received various criticisms about the price and performance of HTC Vive Flow virtual reality glasses, seems to be preparing its new device for a better perception of virtual reality.

With the development of other features of Vive Flow, which already has a lightweight and user-friendly design, more successful virtual reality glasses will appear. In addition, we are faced with much smaller virtual reality glasses compared to HTC’s share. This means that the comfort and lightness of the glasses will be made one step ahead.

It is curious how HTC will simultaneously reduce the size and improve performance. However, if the company succeeds, it will be ahead of its competitors in many ways. On the other hand, Meta and Apple are also preparing to introduce their own virtual reality glasses.

It looks like the artificial reality industry will develop. So, what do you think about virtual reality glasses and virtual reality? You can share your opinion with us in the comments section.


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