HTC Vive XR Elite: Where to Buy, Features, Price and More


The HTC Vive XR Elite has been unveiled and is now available for pre-order. However, what is inside and is it worth it?

HTC was once the king of the virtual reality space, and now it occupies a worthy place among the many headsets sold. The last major headset, Cosmos, didn’t shake the boat much and eventually gave way to longtime partner Valve and Meta’s Quest 2.

However, with a new race to release a “professional” headset, HTC seems to be taking revenge for Meta and Quest Pro.

What is Vive XR Elite?

The Vive XR Elite is a new all—in-one headset with a design that provides maximum flexibility. Even the hot-swappable battery, which can be disconnected to make the headset lighter, seems to help this goal.

There is a bit of confusion about the Elite’s battery life, as the specs say it can run for “up to 15 hours,” while others claim two hours. We’ll have to wait until it’s in the hands of the general public before we can confirm it.

This battery pack also contains the USB-C hub needed to connect the Vive XR Elite to a PC, allowing you to play or use virtual reality apps from your more powerful PC. Wi-Fi streaming is also enabled using Wi-Fi 6E to apparently ensure uninterrupted streaming.

Inside the pancake lenses allow those who need glasses to manually adjust the lenses up to six times. This is HTC’s attempt to eliminate the uncomfortable feel of the headset compared to your specs.

It also seems that HTC has outperformed the competition in terms of end-to-end video. This feature allows users to use the built-in camera to see their surroundings. For Meta Quest Pro, this means enabling augmented reality for apps, but with some problems.

CES viewers reported that the end-to-end video is really very good. It is supported by a 16-megapixel color camera, and the footage from the exhibition is impressive.

Release Date of HTC Vive XR Elite

The HTC Vive XR Elite will launch in March 2023, and Amazon will provide a tentative release date of March 31. However, this is subject to change, so we will definitely keep you informed when we receive a firm confirmation from HTC. themselves.

HTC Vive XR Elite Price

HTC Vive XR Elite will be available for $1099. It’s significantly more expensive than something like Meta Quest Pro, but compared to it, the Vive XR Elite is much more expensive. Here you will pay for horsepower under the hood. However, you will lose on the already mature Meta store platform.

Where to buy HTC Vive XR Elite

The Vive XR Elite is currently being sold on Amazon and through HTC. It will be launched in March, and Amazon calls a tentative date of March 31.

You can pre-order the Vive XR Elite for $1099 below:

For a pre-order before February 15, 2023, you will receive five free games.

HTC will distribute the following games:

  • Green Hell VR
  • Bodycombat Les Mills
  • Disabled: Air guitar
  • Figmin XR
  • Accidentally notice

The delivery package includes a removable battery, as well as:

  • Battery stand
  • Controller (left)
  • Controller (R key)
  • Straps x 2
  • Microfiber pouch
  • Upper strap
  • Type C cable to Type C cable
  • Cable Type A-Type-C x 2
  • Lens Protection Card

Technical Specifications of HTC Vive XR Elite

HTC has equipped Elite with characteristics similar to Meta Quest Pro. However, where it seems to be missing is with the gritty aspects. There is no eye tracking, and full body tracking doesn’t seem to be enabled either.

Those who intended to use this as a partial upgrade of their old headset equipped with a base station will be disappointed to learn that it does not support them either.

However, it offers decent competition to Meta Quest Pro, which you can see in the comparison below. Unfortunately, until the device is launched in March, we are missing several key elements in terms of performance compared to the Meta headset.

Optics Pancake lenses Pancake lenses
IPD Range 55-75 mm hardware adjustable (manual) 54 to 73mm
Display Type 2 x LCD binocular 2 x LCD binocular
Resolution 1800×1920 per-eye 1920*1920 pixels per eye (3840*1920 pixels combined)
Refresh Rate 90 Hz (72 Hz mode available) 90 Hz
Visible FoV 106° horizontal96° diagonal Up to 110 degrees
Weight 722 g with headstrap 625 g
Tracking Type 6 DoF Inside-out via 5 integrated cameras 6 DoF Inside-out Tracking via 4 cameras
Ports USB Type-C, charging contacts USB-C
Wired Video USB Type-C/Oculus Link USB 3.2 Gen-1 Type-C peripheral port
Wireless Video WiFi streamingVirtual Desktop, AirLink Streaming over Wi-Fi
WiFi WiFi 6E Wi-Fi 6 + 6E
Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.2 + BLE
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
GPU Adreno 650 Adreno 650*
Memory 12 GB LPDDR5 12GB
Storage 256 GB 128GB
Battery Life 2 hours 2 or 15 hours, depending on the battery pack*


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