HTC Vive Air: new wireless headset for VR leaks completely


HTC Vive Air: is expected to soon launch a new virtual reality headset called Vive Air, which appeared in leaked images. According to information published on the World Design Guide award page, the new device will work wirelessly and will focus on exercises.

The manufacturer has not yet officially introduced the Vive Air, but the World Design Guide website has images and a description of the headset, practically confirming the existence of the product. The award even praises the look of the device for virtual reality.

According to the description provided by the World Design Guide, the HTC Vive Air is a headset aimed at “virtual exercises” and that brings the optimized look for use in long sessions. In addition to working wirelessly, the product has a lightweight design and mesh construction, as well as components that can be removed for washing.

“Breathable, quick-drying fabrics improve ventilation during exercise,” describes the World Design Guide. “The lightweight and innovative structure allows users to forget about the presence of the headset to focus on virtual content.”

The listing does not include the technical specifications of the HTC Vive Air, but it does contain some details about the product launch. According to the website, the device will be launched in 2021 in North America, Asia and Europe.

HTC has not officially commented on the leak, but is expected to reveal the Vive Air soon. The company will hold the ViveCon 2021 event between May 11th and 12th, when we will possibly have the revelation of the new virtual reality device.


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