HTC Launches Date for New Smartphone Estimated to be Desire 20 Pro


Taiwan-based technology giant HTC, which has been fighting for a long time in the smartphone market, is preparing to confront consumers with an ambitious model. The company, which shared a share from its official Instagram account, announced on June 16 that it will introduce a new smartphone.

Introducing the latest blockchain-based flagship phone Exodus 1 in November 2018, Taiwan-based technology giant HTC has been developing models that appeal to the middle segment since then under the brands Desire and Wildfire. The company, which recently shared a share from its official Instagram account, marked the date of June 16 for its new smartphone.

HTC did not say what we would see at the event at the date, but based on previous rumors and leaks, we can say that the device to be introduced is likely to be HTC Desire 20 Pro. In the photo shared from Instagram, there is a silhouette of a phone standing back and forth.

HTC’s smartphone to be introduced on June 16 is expected to be Desire 20 Pro

When we increase the contrast and brightness of the photo, we see that the phone will come with a quad rear camera and a perforated screen. A reliable source of HTC products, @LlabTooFeR has previously revealed that the Taiwanese brand is working on a device called “Desire 20 Pro”.

HTC, which launched Desire 12 / 12+ in mid-2018, launched Desire 19 Plus last year. It is reported that the new model will look like OnePlus 8 from the front and Xiaomi Mi 10 from the back, and the code name is said to be ‘Bayamo’.

HTC’s new model will look like OnePlus 8 at the front and Xiaomi Mi 10 at the back

We recently learned a leak that came through the device catalog of Google Play Console, and detailed information about the features of Desire 20 Pro. Accordingly, the phone will have a screen in 1080p resolution. Desire 20 Pro, which will be powered by the eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset, will use the Adreno 610 as its graphics unit. On the software side, we expect to see the Android 10 operating system.

As these features are not yet official, it is not clear for now that the phone will be the Desire 20 Pro as expected. We will learn all the information about the device, which is expected to come with a budget-friendly price tag, during the launch on June 16.


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