HTC Develops Foldable Screen Phone


It turned out that HTC is working on a foldable screen phone. The phone, which came to light with an approved patent, seems to have the ability to be folded vertically. HTC has not made any statements about this phone for now.

HTC, one of the forgotten technology manufacturers in recent years, is working on a new smartphone. Approval of a patent submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office on December 31 reveals that the company has developed a foldable screen phone. According to patent data, HTC is trying to design a phone that can be folded vertically.

When we look closely at HTC’s approved patent, we see that the hinges that allow the phone to fold are outside the device. To be honest, this made the phone look rougher than it should have been. In addition, this smartphone seems to offer users a device with a screen on all sides when folded, with its foldable structure.

HTC’s patent for foldable screen phone looks like this

The technical specifications of the foldable screen phone patented by HTC are unknown. However, the company is likely to equip this phone with high-end technical features. Also, this patent shows that none of the keys of the phone have physical keys. If the patent was only filed for the foldable structure of the phone, we might not be able to see the physical keys because of this.

The future of HTC’s new smartphone remains uncertain for the time being. The company may turn this phone, whose patent has been approved, into a commercial product. But if things don’t go as planned, HTC may opt out of this type of product. All these unknowns will come to light with the statements HTC will make. It is currently unknown when these statements will be made.

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