HTC Announces New ‘Vive Cosmos’ Series Products That Exceed Him in Virtual Reality


Taiwanese technology manufacturer HTC has announced new wearables with virtual and mixed reality support. The products called Vive Cosmos Elite, Vive Cosmos XR and Vive Cosmos Play are the improved versions of the “Vive Cosmos” model announced by the company at the CES 2019 event.

Taiwan-based technology manufacturer HTC was one of the companies that have come to the fore in the smartphone industry in recent years. However, the rapid change of the smartphone industry and the developments experienced caused HTC to lose its popularity in this sector. HTC, which cannot find what it is looking for in the smart phone sector right now, continues to work in different areas within the technology sector.

HTC showed up last year at CES events known as the world’s largest electronics fair. The company, which has been known to be working on wearable technological products for a while, appeared before consumers with a virtual reality set called “Vive Cosmos” within the scope of CES 2019. Viva has shown a great interest of consumers Cosmos, recently debuted officially at Turkey market.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of HTC Vive Cosmos was its modular structure. The company explained in its statements that Vive Cosmos was developed prospectively, and that different versions of this virtual reality set will be produced in the future. HTC has now kept its promise and has officially announced different versions of HTC Vive Cosmos.

Taiwan-based technology manufacturer came to the consumers with 3 different virtual reality sets. Named “Vive Cosmos Elite”, “Vive Cosmos XR” and “Vive Cosmos Play”, these three models have the features of HTC Vive Cosmos but more different functions. Now let’s take a closer look at HTC’s new virtual reality sets, one by one, if you wish.

Vive Cosmos Elite
Vive Cosmos Elite, the first product announced by HTC, has the ability to follow users both inside and outside. Vive Cosmos Elite, which can work in harmony with the VR service of Steam, the world’s most popular online gaming platform, does not include two monitoring cameras in the basic version of Vive Cosmos. Vive Cosmos Elite is also compatible with all virtual reality equipment made by HTC.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite has an LCD display inside. This screen offers consumers a resolution of 2,880 x 1,770 pixels. When consumers want to have this product, they can buy it as a full kit or as an accessory. So, if you already own Vive Cosmos, you can choose the accessory option. Users pay $ 899 (about $ 5,500 + taxes) if they want to buy a full kit, and $ 199 (about $ 1,220 + taxes) when they want to buy accessories.

Vive Cosmos XR
HTC’s Vive Cosmos XR model is a product developed on mixed reality. The device, which looks like an alien with four eyes, has two transition angle cameras. Offering a viewing angle of up to 100 degrees, the Vive Cosmos XR makes a significant difference to similar products such as Microsoft HoloLens or Majic Leap 1.

HTC did not make any comments regarding the price of the Vive Cosmos XR. It is also unknown how the Vive Cosmos XR will be released as of the second half of 2020. So whether HTC Vive Cosmos XR can be purchased as a full kit or as an accessory or full kit remains unclear for now.

Vive Cosmos Play
HTC’s Vive Cosmos Play model seems to have been developed to attract new consumers. Because Vive Cosmos Play does not have an external headphone support and can only function as a basic virtual reality headset. The main capability of the product, which has four cameras, is to get consumers into a virtual world.

HTC did not provide any price information for the Vive Cosmos Play, just like the Vive Cosmos XR. In the statements made, he explained that this product will be used not only for gamers but also for places like museums. It is currently unknown when the company’s Vive Cosmos Play model will be released.


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