HP introduced 11th Generation Intel processor computers


HP introduced its new notebook computers at the event it organized. Coming up with 3 new models, HP offers high performance with new computers with 11th Generation Intel processors.

HP introduces new notebook computers with 11th Gen Intel processors

US computer manufacturer HP has come up with three new computers. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s new computers that introduced the HP Specter X360 14, Envy X360 and Specter X360 13 models.

HP Specter X360 14

The laptop with Thunderbolt 4 ports offers high performance in terms of charging, monitor connection and connectivity to other peripheral devices.

hp 11. nesil intel işlemcili bilgisayar

The screen offering 3: 2 aspect ratio, 16 percent larger touch surface, quad speaker system are other interesting points of the device. Intel’s 11th Generation Tiger Lake family, with Core i7-1165G7 processor, comes with Intel Xe integrated graphics card.

Along with these features, HP’s new device offers some advanced detection technologies. For example, if you put the device in the carrying case and carry it, the heating of the laptop and battery consumption are prevented.

HP Specter X360 13

hp 11. nesil intel işlemcili bilgisayar

The laptop, which is the smallest model of the Specter X360 14, comes with a 13-inch 4K OLED display. Like its big brother, the model, which comes with an 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake processor, offers up to 17 hours of use on a single charge. In addition, both notebooks of the Specter X360 can be used with a pen.

HP Envy X360 13

hp 11. nesil intel işlemcili bilgisayar

The last model HP announced was the Envy X360 13. Like the Specter, this model is powered by the 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake processor. The company, which did not mention the technical features of this model compared to the other two models, announced the prices of all three models.


HP’s announced prices for three new notebooks are as follows:

– HP Envy X360 13: $ 949.99

– HP Specter X360 13: $ 1,199

– HP Specter X360 14: $ 1,199


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