HP 11-Inch Tablet, This Is The New Rival Of The Microsoft Surface


HP: Hardware companies know how important it is to have different devices on the market. And it is that dedicating to a single sector and segment does not help much unless you sell a truly exclusive experience to the user, beyond the functionality of the device. It is also important to take into account the market trends, where HP has taken note to create its HP 11 Inch Tablet.

Essence to Microsoft Surface

Microsoft had a great moment this week with the presentation of its new devices in the Surface range. The company is already very well positioned in the segment, and the design of its devices is the highlight. In fact, many have imitated it in a very specific part as we will see in the HP 11-Inch Tablet.

Yes, this is the name of the new HP tablet and it already makes it clear that the screen it has is an 11-inch IPS type with 2K resolution and touch, of course. Unlike the rest of the tablets, this one does not have a selfie camera in the frames, but it houses it in the back and can be rotated to adapt it to the position you need.

Of course, on the bottom and side it has a magnetic hook with which you can anchor a keyboard cover. In addition, and here comes the detail that resembles it to the Surface tablet, it has a rear part with a fold with which to support it and have it in ‘lectern mode’ for its operation.

In its interior we find the characteristics of a powerful tablet. And it is that the HP 11-Inch has a quad-core Intel Pentium Silver N6000 processor accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and a space of no less than 128GB. It also does not lack connectivity with WiFi 6, Bluetooth, card reader and USB C input. It is undoubtedly a great rival for Microsoft’s small Surface Go, which takes less than an inch, but has a larger battery, it that helps autonomy (something that is appreciated in this type of device).

As far as price is concerned, the tablet will be at a price close to 450 euros at the exchange rate if you get the option without a keyboard, for which you will have to contribute 10 euros more.


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