How’s Thanksgiving in Outbreak 2020?


It comes to Thanksgiving Day [Thanksgiving Day], which has historically been celebrated in the United States of America. This event is an occasion when families come together and embrace to give way to hope for a better tomorrow and together give thanks to God for the opportunities in life and for all the goods received. This time it will be in full rebound of Covid-19, where the alarms have sounded again and a new confinement is feared.

Thanksgiving Day, on this occasion, comes when a new retreat in social and economic life is underway; Therefore, we will have to rethink the meaning and values ​​to share or remember in the current year 2020, which is hardly reaching its last month. And the panorama of 2021 does not look very good to be said. However, the light of hope illuminates our troubled days. And God will be with each one of those who invoke him with faith, a lot of faith.

It is very likely that families will not meet on Thanksgiving Day and in almost all cases it is advisable not to do so. Especially when we have our parents and grandparents alive. For the love of them you should not visit them, so as not to expose them to serious health risks. It is quite possible that most Americans decide to celebrate in each family group and from there “connect and communicate” online with loved ones. A virtual meeting, but with real love.

That day I will thank the Higher Self, who is God of pristine energy, for still giving me life and I will implore eternal peace from those who have already left. And I will share with the family that the pandemic virus has attacked the indifference and indolence of the world. Who has discovered the obviousness of our collective misery and the poverty of spirit and mental of the majority of our leaders.

This Thanksgiving Day will be unique and remembered forever, because we are not worthy of peace we claim, or the protection we implore, or see us freed from a virus that has come to depurarnos so that those who survive, to be more responsible with the environment, with their fellow human beings, with the vulnerability of the Human Being, and with the myopia of thinking and believing that we are masters of the world. Nothing belongs to us, not our poor lives.

Covid-19 is a direct blow to our self-reliance, pedantry, self-centeredness, and vanity.
All that we achieve with our prayer on that special day will be by the grace and mercy of God, whatever the idea that one has of it. Let us thank with humility.

My God is on the cusp of my faith. However, I respect each human group that invokes its own God. And it is beautiful to know that we have various gods of life, love and hope, foolish those who kill by invoking their God!
Today, let’s give thanks for one more day.


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