How’s Khloe Kardashian cuddling with a Netflix beauty!


Are these two related? Khloe Kardashian (38) has had a relationship with basketball star Tristan Thompson (31) for many years, including an affair scandal and surrogacy. You can see how hard it was for her on her reality show The Kardashians. Now it seems that she is done with the father of her children once and for all. Now she has also been seen with another man: here Chloe is cuddling with Michelle Morrone (31 years old)!

According to HollywoodLife, among others, they were at Milan Fashion Week. Then the entrepreneur and the actress took pictures backstage and turned out to be suspiciously close. Michelle pulled Chloe by the waist, their faces almost touching as the beauty stared at her. What exactly is behind this is unknown. However, fans would be happy if they really were a couple.

“Please, this is a strong couple that I needed” and: “Just the thought that Chloe is dating this hot guy makes me so happy, he’s so adorable, and she deserves it!” were just two of the numerous comments to the picture.


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