How young Millie Bobby Brown wanted to “inspire people” while preparing for a role in “Very Strange Things”


There are actors who inspire you just by their journey. We have a lot of actors who inspired the audience without even knowing it. But the young actress Millie Bobby Brown surprises us with many of her thoughts. She is able to influence many of her fans, and she admits it too.

The young actor got her first big break as Eleven in the Netflix Original sci-fi supernatural drama when she was just 12 years old. “Very Strange Things” gave her a lot of things besides fame. While fans are waiting for the upcoming season of the show, Brown takes us back to the days when she just got a big break. Star Enola Holmes has spoken about her days when she had to prepare for the role of Eleven.

This strong instinct was reinforced by Millie Bobby Brown during the preparation for “Eleven”.

Young star Enola Holmes has become a bright youth icon. Women like her give strength and empower others. During the interview, Brown talks about how they were preparing for her character when she first joined the show. Initially, her character was bald and therefore, as Eleven, Millie had to shave her head. Of course, it was a difficult decision. But this strangely powerful vision of her inspired her to go through this process.

When asked about her willingness to shave her head to justify her character, Millie shares inspiring and wise thoughts about her. She said that children her age, who had no choice, lose their hair for various reasons. Therefore, she cannot be selfish and deny the process. She felt it was a little shallow on her part if she said, “No, I don’t want to get a haircut. I want to be beautiful.”

Instead, she was inspired by those who had no choice and agreed to shave her head. “I’ll cut my hair and hug them. And I’m going to inspire people because people inspire me,” the actress thoughtfully shared. Brown didn’t want to be like other kids, and she’s not like that, and she proved it too. Her willingness to inspire and learn from everyone is certainly reflected in her off-screen personality.

When her film “Enola Holmes” was successful, she even thanked all her fans and urged the girls to be stronger and stand up for themselves. That’s how Millie Bobby Brown works all the time.

What do you think about this side of the actress? Now you can revisit “Very Strange Cases” here with a fresh look at the character. We would also like to know your opinion about this.


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