How would your ex-boyfriends of BTS employees behave?


Each of the members of BTS have very different characteristics, perhaps their way of acting would be different if you were the ex-girl of one of the K-pop idols.

BTS is one of the best known Korean pop groups in the world, the singers and rappers of ‘Dynamite’ have shown that there are no barriers when it comes to clear dreams and goals.

Jin, Jimin, Suga, RM, V, J-Hope, and Jungkook have experienced love at different times in their lives, some when they were quite young, before debuting as idols under Big Hit Entertainment.

The boys of BTS are currently going through one of the most important moments in their professional careers, due to their multiple occupations and everything that comes with being a music star, they are not interested in living a love relationship. At some point the performers of ‘Mic Drop’ will have to make their lives and the desire to start a family will come.

Have you imagined what the members of BTS would be like if one of them were your ex-boyfriend? Well, this time we present the attitudes that the interpreters of ‘ON’ would have as your ex-partners.

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Kim Seok Jin is a very nice and handsome idol, surely to get you out of his mind he would watch some movies, play online games, cook new dishes and even erase the photos of both of them to clear his mind.

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Hoseok’s heart would not bear the estrangement of a person he loves, J-Hope from the Bangtan Boys is the brightness of the people around her, the idol would be seriously affected if someone hurts her.



The leader of BTS is very wise, he would take the best of their relationship, analyze it, appreciate for the shared moments, compose some songs to heal his emotions and move on with his life.


The BTS rapper is good at hiding what he really feels, if he missed you, as much as his heart and mind try to reconnect with you, Yoongi would refuse, he would be a little scared of getting hurt again.


Jimin is a tender and adorable boy, if it is a broken heart the singer could act completely different, because his emotions send more than reason, his behavior would be cold and distant, due to the feelings he developed for you.



Taehyung is a very simple person, because of his personality it seems that he does not get stuck in situations that do not leave him anything good, he would appreciate everything he learned at your side and he would continue on his way wishing you the best.


The Golden Maknae is a sensitive person with a big heart, if he falls in love with a girl it is because he managed to find the key to his love, so if it is about heartbreak, the youngest member of the Bangtan Boys would feel bad for a weather.


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