How would you be a girlfriend for Jimin by your zodiac sign


Love is a beautiful feeling, your zodiac sign is linked to your emotional emotions, what would your behavior be like if you were Park Jimin’s girlfriend? Read on.

It is said that the signs of the zodiac keep secrets of personality, no matter what planet or constellation you were born under, your character traits will be reflected with great power due to your stars.

Some experts who analyze the behavior of the zodiac signs assure that behavior can be predicted in different areas such as love, work, talents and natural attitudes with which people are born.

Jimin is of the zodiac sign Libra, which means that he is a person full of charms, he is romantic, idealistic, sensitive and an excellent company, could it be that ARMY loves him very much for those qualities?

Have you imagined being Jimin’s girlfriend from BTS? Well, this time you could discover it according to your zodiac sign and your characteristics. Find out what kind of partner you will be for Jimin from the Bangtan Boys.



They are decided people, that word defines their personality very well, so in the area of ​​love they are delivered, but they see the couple as a complement to be better every day. So you would take the initiative in your courtship with Jimin, which would create a perfect balance between the two of you.


People who are Taurus are characterized by being persevering, if you want something you try all the ways until you get it, under these elements we could say that you would come to Jimin’s life to show him your love in an honest way, without lies and without poses that could affect your long-term relationship.



The traits that identify you the most is that you know how to adapt to changes, your creativity is always at the limit and your intuition is your best friend. If you were Jimin’s girlfriend, there would be a very incredible connection between you, a bad point is that you tend to be governed by your emotions and not by reason, which would unleash conflicts.


Cancerians tend to have a very discreet attitude, they do not like to attract attention, they are cautious about what they say and are kind to everyone around them. If you were Jimin’s girlfriend, they would surely spend time with a hobby like painting or cooking, since they are both home people.


Leos are known for their strong, energetic and fearless character. If your purpose is to conquer Jimin, you will achieve it with your conviction and being your boyfriend, you would try to accompany him in the best moments of his career and life.

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People who are governed by the sign of Virgo are very restless people, their thoughts are always active and they have a great sense of justice. Jimin would find you charming for the way you are, of course the idol would try to get closer to you to establish a more honest and deep relationship.


Libras are people who fuse a good personality with a natural sensitivity. If you were Jimin’s girlfriend you would always take into account all his feelings and goals, you would help his get what he wants, with your words of encouragement the idol of BTS would surely not leave your side.


You are someone who is carried away by the mysteries of life, your thoughts always overwhelm you and you are romantic. Jimin could learn a lot from your particular vision of the world, the singer of the Bangtan Boys would be delighted with your affectionate and dreamy character.



You love adventures and meet new challenges that take you out of your daily routine. You would propose to Jimin trips to very interesting tourist destinations and with those trips they would create a bond that no one could break, they are both charming, so much that everyone would envy their excellent chemistry


What guides you on the path of life is your sense of analysis, you are an observer and you are a very good counselor, but in love you change completely, for that reason Park Jimin would choose you by his side, your character is a good combination between perseverance and beauty.


You are very nice, what Jimin would fall in love with, the idol of the company Big Hit Entertainment would put you as a priority in his hectic life, making room in his agenda to live with you more. The singer would not miss the opportunity to show his love with gifts and details.


The understanding in your fort, you would be the best friend of Park Jimin. The BTS member would see you as someone to trust, little by little you would win his heart by listening to all the aspects that afflict him and then conquer him completely because of your sensitivity and empathy.

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