How would Henry Cavill and Elizabeth Olsen look together on the HBO “House of the Dragon” poster?



There are actors who can be imagined in certain roles, and they just fit into it, for example, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and so on. Similarly, whenever we think of a character in a fantastic epic drama, Henry Cavill comes to mind. In “The Witcher” from Netflix Original, he portrayed an outstanding character in the role of Geralt from Rivia. What if you can see him in another historical drama with Elizabeth Olsen?

There were rumors that the star of “The Witcher” will join the cast of HBO’s biggest drama “House of the Dragon”. There were even suggestions about which character would be perfect for the actor. However, whether Geralt from Rivia will join the show has not yet been confirmed. Regardless, what if you saw a poster of Henry and Elizabeth posing for the show?

How would Henry Cavill look with Elizabeth Olsen in the Dragon House?
Both Henry and Elizabeth have a huge fandom. Imagine that you combined them together for the popular show “House of the Dragon”. This is how Superman and Wanda, both from different worlds, will look together in an American fantasy drama television series. It is assumed that these talented actors will become part of the show. However, there is no official announcement of the same. But fans can’t wait for them to show up together. So this fan created an imaginary poster of Henry and Elizabeth posing together for the Dragon House.

Rumor has it that the stars of “Vandavision” and “The Witcher” are in talks to join the popular HBO series and the prequel “Game of Thrones” “House of the Dragon” in the second season. The fan poster of the stars for the show shocked everyone, as it is extremely accurate. He conveys the theme of the show with the utmost force, and the pair seem ready to fight with their weapons.

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Whether these actors are really going to join the cast of the show or not is the million dollar question. But both actors have experience in portraying strong, powerful and outstanding characters. If these two appeared in this epic show, it would be the happiest moment for fans. Studio 83pixelstudios has done a great job by bringing together the actors for the poster. Now let’s all wait and see if the stars actually appear in the show.

Until then, we’d like to know your side of the excitement. Do you think these two stars are perfect for the show? What roles do you think these actors could have in the House of the Dragon? Tell us everything in the comment box below.


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