How Will We Use Bitcoin When The Apocalypse Comes?


One morning you wake up with a strange feeling, and when you get up and look out the window, you sense something strange. You take your jacket and go out and see that the streets are empty and the shops are closed. In fact, a few houses were burned, the vehicles turned upside down, and no other creature was found, let alone people; EXCEPT YOU.

Nowadays, when the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic affects the whole world, different doomsday scenarios keep turning in our minds. Many of us even thought that the zombie infestation might be better than the coronavirus. We are in a global crisis right now, the year 2020 is not going well for the world economy, or even it will not go! Naturally, this situation always brings to mind different apocalyptic scenarios. In the event of a possible apocalypse, we all want to have our friends, loved ones, food and of course our valuables with us. When such a situation is in question, of course the functionality of money will be questioned. For this reason, it is always thought about what can be done in case of a possible shopping need. (Excluding pillaging actions.)

As it is known, Bitcoin has attracted the attention of contradictory segments of the society since the first day it emerged. Anarchists, freedom fighters, rebels, liberalists… Many of these individuals believe that a global collapse will soon come, and this global collapse will also bring the end of the financial system as we know it. In this post-apocalyptic world that will emerge, those who can use their intelligence, weapons and the food they piled will survive.

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So, where will Bitcoin take place in this world?

Depending on the way the world is coming to an end (nuclear war, zombies, virus, or a meteorite), it may become impossible for us to do digital activities that we currently do today. While preparing ourselves for the end of the world, accumulating Bitcoin should not be the only method. Because when things really get shitty, we need to figure out how to use this cryptocurrency.

In a world of the post-apocalyptic internet, Bitcoin will survive. Even as a much more reliable method than fiat currencies. What if there is no internet? An article by provides a comprehensive explanation on how to fix this problem. Bitcoin can be sent and received using amateur radios in a world without internet. As is known, after many unsuccessful attempts in February last year, Bitcoin was sent from Toronto, Canada to Michigan, USA via short wave radio signals. This transfer was done through a free protocol called JS8Call, which allows transmitting text messages over high radio frequency with radio signals between users using the same infrastructure.


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