How will they decode the kiss scenes for next season?


Season 17 of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is getting closer and closer and fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival to find out how the tension between Owen and Teddy is resolved, as well as the love triangle in which Meredith Gray will be involved.

Recall that the blockage caused by the coronavirus pandemic was the reason why production of the new installment of Grey’s Anatomy was halted in March. However, the crew returned to the film set early last month to shoot scenes for the next few episodes.

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic is changing the way of life of millions of human beings in the world. Television shows like Grey’s Anatomy are not far from reality either, as crew members and cast are also tweaking the way they do work on the film set.

Let us remember that the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy is characterized by the fact that it frequently projects romance in its scenes through which the actors must film passionate moments full of kisses and body rubbing.

In this case, it would be difficult for Grey’s Anatomy not to present the drama’s regulars with its usual scenes loaded with much romance, passion and kisses. If so, the program would basically not exist.

Grey’s Anatomy actress explains what the film set looks like amid the pandemic

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